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Nicola Sellers - Real Estate Agent

Nicola Sellers has grown up with real estate in her blood. She owns her own small agency, vying for success in an industry where the dollar drives all, the ego’s are palpable and rival agents, buyers and sellers alike are all looking out for themselves.

It’s a tough gig, but Nicola thrives on it. Her assistant Barry is a lovely ex-retiree and together they meet their match in Matthew Wilkman - the success-story of WIlkman Real Estate.

As Nicola invites us to discover the tips and tricks about buying Melbourne property, she bumps headfirst into her rival who she learns is after the same thing she is - a coveted annual national real estate award.

Will Nicola manage to overthrow the Wilkman beast and finally beat him at his own game?

Sam Jackson - Actor

Since meeting in an acting class, Sam Jackson had a whirlwind romance with his now wife Georgie and they’ve been happily married for three years. She didn’t want the instability of acting as a career, but Sam thrives on it despite its many knock-backs and difficulties.

Sam is an eager and positive-thinking go-getter, which lends itself well to being a struggling actor in Melbourne, but his lack of street smarts usually results in him cocking up acting opportunities.


Sam introduces us to acting's mysterious world: self tapes, acting classes, mastering various techniques, having a healthy relationship with your agent, and - most importantly - how to be resilient.


But in the end, Sam receives a gutting dose of reality from his agent - one which forces him to face facts. Will he give up on his dream?

Sam Jackson Hero Image.jpg
Sam Jackson Hero Image.jpg
Brock Spanner.png
Brock Spanner - Personal Trainer

Eager, over-the-top but with a beautiful soul, Brock Spanner stumbled into the world of health, exercise and personal training after he developed an exercise app that went viral.

After building up enough money in app sales, Brock started his own PT business and bought a small gym to help make his clients "the best YOU you can be!”

We join Brock as he shows us through his regular day, including healthy meal prep, his favourite exercises, and how easy it is to stay healthy with the right attitude. But things start to unravel when he gains a new client whom he begins to fall in love with.

In the end, Brock is forced to face a truth he’s been hiding from his whole life. Is Brock’s PT life all a means of keeping the truth at bay? Or will he finally face facts and begin to really live?

Ryan Treasure - Landscape Gardener

Ryan Treasure has been a landscape gardener for eight years, ever since he and his high-school mate Chris bailed on their degrees to start a business working in the great outdoors.

Over the years Chris and Ryan built a stable company... that is, until his wife gave birth to an asian baby, highlighting an ongoing affair she’d been having with Chris for years. Since then, Ryan threw himself head-first into growing his professional life rather than his personal one of being a father.

We meet Ryan as he takes on a fast-turnaround job landscaping the backyard of a local cafe owner. When he arrives on site for the first time, he’s horrified to realise the job he booked is far bigger than what he can tackle himself.

Calling in a favour from a friend, three strangers show up to help Ryan finish the job but he’s convinced they’re not who they seem.

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